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An entertaining and innovative object

Walk'n Roll is an entertaining and innovative object, developed with the aim of relaxing and loosening the legs, at work, at home or elsewhere.

Get in and walk while consulting your computer, tablet or smartphone. It allows you to take a "break" from your work day, to get some exercise...

  • Clean design
  • Made in France
  • Pedotactile mat, foot massage
  • The "Walk'n Roll" does not consume energy, the user is its motor
  • Ideal for relaxing at work and exercising 
  • The "Walk'n Roll" is composed of a base "unwinder" to drive the ring, a support and a shelf to put a computer, a book, a game console...


Overall dimensions (L, W, H): 210 x 95 x 230 cm

Technical details

The ring on the base is made of wood (three-ply fir) and the edges are veneered with laminated wood (oak finish).

  • 1 Wheel made up of 2 crowns to be assembled, in 3 ply spruce chipboard
  • Inside diameter: 190 cm
  • Crown thickness: 10 cm
  • Metal reel with accessory, width 110 cm
  • Shoe brake for speed adjustment of the roller
  • 1 telescopic shelf support
  • 1 swivel shelf 40 cm

Delivery and assembly

  • Delivered with 2 separate wooden hulls to be assembled
  • Metal parts to assemble the 2 shells
  • Then place the assembled ring on the scroll base


The "Walk'n Roll" was designed by Arnaud ADAM (world champion free rider in Alaska). After working in a standing position in front of his computer, it occurred to him that it would be good to relax his legs during the day.

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